Consulting, Entrepreneurship, Marketing

Since 1994, Kai Baumgartner is a strategic consultant.


Baumgartner Consulting offers services in the areas of entrepreneurship, e-commerce, e-business, marketing, communication and business development. Strategic business consulting and customized content are part of our daily tasks.

Our clients are entrepreneurs and business start-ups, medium-sized companies (SMEs) with sales in the seven to nine digits, and heavyweights on the stock exchanges in the world with sales in the billions.


Start-ups should focus on solutions for current and future challenges. New business start-ups should include problem solving. With the appropriate catalyst and an incubator for the own idea the team energy can be focused on the business target. A good or excellent idea represents just 20-30% of a successful start-up, implementation and adequate funding are important success factors.

We have been able to realize projects in the fields of e-commerce, entertainment, media, CPG and biotechnology in the past.

We offer all services from brainstorming, team composition and financing. You have a good business idea, but are still looking for enthusiastic team members and co-founders? Don't hesitate to send us your idea, resume.


As a classic 360 ° marketer, the possibilities of digital and cross-channel marketing have been systematically and continuously updated since 1994. We believe and have proof in digital transition and digital disruption in marketing and sales.

We have a strong connection to the world of sport and sports marketing. We are in a unique situation to have worked intensively with all German IRONMAN Triathlon world champions during: Thomas Hellriegel (1997 World Champion 1997), Normann Stadler (2004 and 2006 World Champion), Faris Al -Sultan (2005 World Champion), Sandra Wallenhorst (2009 and 2010 European Champion) and Stefan Holzner (2003 and 2004).

Leading (based on reach) European triathlon online portal was operated from 1999 to 2010 successfully. 3athlon was meanwhile available under and will continue with different orientation and business model as Journalistic blog is another example of great content for endurance sports, triathlon, swimming, cycling and running.

The sports nutrition specialists at Nestlé Nutrition (PowerBar) rely on our expertise.