Curriculum Vitae

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Kai Baumgartner is an investor, business angel, entrepreneur, senior executive, consultant. He consults various companies and startups in the area of marketing & sales, digital transition (all things digital).

He served on an interim basis as Managing Director (CEO) in a growing and well-funded company in the Functional Foods/ Organic Foods sector with D2C/B2C distribution models of CPG and dietary supplements product lines with its headquarters in the heart of Munich (Germany) and worldwide production facilities, which have been cultivating micro-nutritional rich and high quality plant based products since 1993. The patented, unique health benefits of the product range are to be further disseminated in strategic markets. The company is owned by a global operating Family & Friends Entrepreneurial Office Holding (Private Equity, Venture Capital, Real Estate).

He was Director Digital Transformation, Marketing & Sales in an operational European Private Equity Industry Holding with € 600m sales within their owned companies (2017). The holding has three established business units: Private Equity, Real Estate and Family Office. PE's focus are small and mid-sized family owned companies with or without succession plans and carve-outs from bigger .Inc companies. Sales and revenue targets for each acquired company range from € 30 - 500m annually.

Prior the last positions he had a role as Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) in a growing and profitable SaaS company, was Consultant or Marketeer at PowerBar (Nestlé Deutschland AG, Nestlé Nutrition, Nestlé SA) and responsible for Europe and global topics such as e-commerce, digital transformation, marketing and sales.

As serial entrepreneur and active triathlete (since 1989) he owned and published the leading (internet reach; unique visitors, page views) European triathlon online magazine eZine (1999-2010). The Ironman finisher was long term Chairman of several sports associations (NGO's, since 1998) up to state level (Hessischer Triathlon Verband, 2009) and initiated the successful grassroots democratic platform (2004). He produced content for World Triathlon Corporation's (WTCs) platform (2002-2009) in EMEA and globally and was Director and Divisional Head at innaugural IRONMAN Frankfurt am Main.

He has worked intensively with many German IRONMAN Triathlon World Champions as media partner, sponsor and in the field of marketing. Thomas Hellriegel (1997 World Champion), Normann Stadler (2004 and 2006 World Champion), Faris Al -Sultan (2005 World Champion), Sandra Wallenhorst (2009 and 2010 European Champion) and Stefan Holzner (2003 and 2004 European Champion) are a few former partner and clients. He recognized the talent of Patrick Lange (World Champion 2016, 2017) early on and provided him with race gear, but critically evaluates the tactical race design of Lange, especially in 2018.

According to the weekly magazine DIE ZEIT, “one asks best (in terms of triathlon and Ironman) Kai Baumgartner. Scarcely another in Germany is so long and intensively with this sport in which he has been active for twenty-five years.” Germany's most widely read daily newspapers, such as BILD, regularly relied on the long-standing analyst of the sport of triathlon for their Ironman Hawaii or Olympic triathlon features. Weekly news magazines such as DER SPIEGEL and its offshoot Spiegel Online liked to fall back on the active endurance athlete for their research.* For ethical reasons he is currently no longer available as an expert for the above media.

He published IT related books during his school days and university studies (STEM, Economics) at Addison-Wesley, Markt und Technik, Galileo Press and Sybex Publishing(1, 2, 3). He wrote articles as an author for ct (Heinz Heise), Internet Intern, MX Magazin, PC Intern (Data Becker) and Internet Professionell (VNU Business Publications).

He spoke and presented regularly at CEBIT (Hannover, Germany) trade show for clients like Adobe (Macromedia). He's holding positions as Chairman and Co-Founder of (former) non-profit Adobe User Group since 1999.

His philosophy of life can be summarized with...

... “simple and active lifestyle”.

Source*: DIE ZEIT, weekly circulation: 498,439 copies, reach up to 2.34 million readers. BILD, weekly circulation: 1,687,717 copies, reach 12.31 million readers. DER SPIEGEL, monthly cirulation of 765,178 copies