Personality types

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Personality types, strengths, weaknesses and lifelong learning

It never hurts in life to be aware of the fact that one can develop significantly after reaching the age of majority and that interests can change into old age beyond retirement. In addition, there is of course the entire spectrum of pathological or age-related personality changes.

It is interesting to note that some personality traits and typical patterns are already present very early in childhood and adolescence, which are often only intensified by puberty and the effects of hormones on brain development in addition to other endogenous and exogenous factors.

For this reason, it is advisable to take an early look at your personality, a possible typification and the effects of the results on the interpretation of social interaction in your private and professional environments and a possible career choice, in which, in addition to inclinations, grades and interests, the personality structure certainly also plays an important role.

An introverted tinkerer with strengths in logic and mathematics may be better off in a STEM field environment and small team structures. While an extroverted motivator who may also have a talent for sales negotiations is a total different type of person. You name it... There is a wide range of commercial and free tests. Founders and professionals can also carry out a targeted assessment of the personality structure. Especially with regard to the composition of complementary teams (blog post on pitch decks, blog post on hiring) or to confirm possible reasons why a team harmonizes and functions very well or not so well, the tests can partly be deduced without slipping too much into psychology or pseudoscience.

Known providers or tests are Enneagram of Personality, Hexaco model of personality structure, the Myers-Briggs type indicator MBTI like major MBTI platforms or more basic websites, such as 16 Personalities. Gallups StrengthsFinder 2.0, for which there is audio book and book material available at Amazon is my personal favorite for various reasons. But you can try out all providers because they overlap in content and complement each other.

Reminder: Do not overestimate results and do not over-interpret them as self-fulfilling prophecies.