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Kai Baumgartner is a founder, consultant, senior executive manager, private equity professional, business angel, venture capitalist and investor for pre-seed, seed and early-stage investments in start-ups and ventures with a clearly defined unique selling proposition (USP), and - at best - an unfair (competitive) advantage (UCA).


Investments as a business angel and venture capitalist in excellence in teams, ideas, operational implementation, products and services with a focus on HealthTech, BioTech, Functional Food, Sport, Mobility, Security, Cyber Security, Demographic Change, SaaS, and AI.


Development of strategies and optional operational implementation and execution for start-ups and companies in growth, global scaling or turnaround situations.

Senior Executive

Permanent or temporary takeover of functions in management or senior management as interim executive in portfolio ventures or companies of third parties.


A selection of current and past portfolio companies, clients and own professional positions.

Adcuram Group

Private Equity


On-Premises, SaaS

Baumgartner Ventures

Venture Capital

BodyScanning CRM


Degussa Goldhandel

Commodities, precious metals

Goldkammer Museum

Cultural Historical Museum


Sports: Sports Media Publishing


Sports: Sports Events


Functional Food: Sports Nutrition


Functional Food: Berries (Phytonutrients)


Health Tech, Office Furniture

Undisclosed Start-up

Artificial Intelligence, AI

Undisclosed Start-up

Machine Learning, ML

Undisclosed Start-up

Functional Food: Bacteria

Undisclosed Start-up

Functional Food: Insects

Undisclosed Start-up

Functional Food: Micro-Algeas (Phytonutrients)

Undisclosed Start-up

Functional Food: Vegan Protein


Our small team looks forward to hearing from committed founders and entrepreneurs.

Kai Baumgartner

Kai Baumgartner

Member of the Board, Partner, CEO, CCO

Maria Huber

Maria Huber


Tim Schneider

Tim Schneider


Curriculum Vitae

A full-text resume of Kai Baumgartner is available online, a tabular curriculum vitae is available on LinkedIn and Xing.

Pitch Deck

A presentation consisting of about 10 single slides in the pitch deck is recommended for a first contact via e-mail. The presentation should be optimized in file size and attached as pdf or in common open-source formats.

0) Cover sheet
1) Team, historical outline
2) Company, product, services
3) Success record, proof of concept
4-5) Market, competition, Unique Selling Proposition (USP), Unfair Competitive Advantage (UCA)
6-8): Plans on how to win the market: Product, growth, KPIs
9) Schedule, next steps
10) Wish list: Financing, network, etc.
11+) Appendix with detailed figures, analysis down to micro-level, etc.

An article worth reading deals with the structure of a template for pitch decks using the example of Peter Thiel.


The preferred process of contacting us is a meaningful, precise and short e-mail. A three-liner, optionally with a well-structured pitch deck presentation is sufficient for 95% of all inquiries.

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