Smart investments in smart teams and ideas

Kai Baumgartner is a founder, senior consultant, interim manager, senior executive manager, private equity professional, business angel, venture capitalist, and investor for pre-seed, seed and early-stage investments in start-ups and ventures with a clearly defined unique selling proposition (USP), and - at best - an unfair (competitive) advantage (UCA).


Investments as a business angel and venture capitalist in excellence in complementary teams, ideas, operational implementation, products and services with a focus on HealthTech, BioTech, DeepTech, Functional Food, Sport, Mobility, Security, Blockchain, Cyber Security, Demographic Change, SaaS, and AI.

Investment process

The usual investment process:

  1. Contact (with pitch deck)
  2. Q&A and/or rejection
  3. Due Diligence (DD)
  4. Letter of Intent (LOI) and investment, optionally via "Club Deals" or "Party Rounds"
  5. Hands-on consulting and exchange

Elevator Pitch

What might a structured sentence format for an elevator pitch look like? For (target customer) who has (need statement) our product/service (product name) is a (market category) that (key benefit/s) unlike (competitor) our product (key differentiator).

Pitch deck

A presentation consisting of about 5-10 single slides in the pitch deck is recommended for a first contact via e-mail. A best practice pitch format contains usually the following six major slides:

  1. What is the problem?
  2. How do you solve it?
  3. What is your unfair advantage?
  4. What is your traction/where are you at?
  5. What is your ask?
  6. Who is on the team?

Concerning team composition, race, color, biological or genetic sex, national origin, age, religion, creed, disability, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression is irrelevant. We pay attention to talent and potential, a congruent set of values, individual and summed performance, and solution-oriented teamwork.

Wealth accumulation

Some outlined hypotheses on wealth preservation and wealth consolidation with reduction of external risks for the decade until 2030.


Development of strategies and optional operational implementation and execution for start-ups and companies in growth, global scaling or turnaround situations.

Senior Executive

Permanent or temporary assumption of functions as a member of the supervisory board, advisory board, executive board, or senior management as an interim manager in portfolio ventures or third-party companies. A tabular resume is available online on LinkedIn and Xing.


The preferred process of contacting us is a meaningful, precise and short email. A three-liner, optionally with a clear subject, a C2A and a well-structured pitch deck presentation is sufficient for 95% of all inquiries.