Adobe User Group

The Macromedia Usergroup was founded by Dirk Einecke together with Emrah Hircin and Kai Baumgartner in 1999.

For several years, the trio took over the overall coordination of the non-commercial project as a "core team". Currently, is supported and moderated by moderators and experienced power users. The project leads Kai Baumgartner since the departure of Dirk and Emrah. He was supported by Paul Trainer and Daniel Prokscha as a member of the "Core Team" until 31.12.2013.

The idea
The idea behind the MMUG in its first version differs from the current one: created as a group for "geeks" and "nerds" it developed into a mainstream movement, which should make the first steps with the complex programs easier for all beginners. After the merger of Macromedia and Adobe, the official name of the group was Adobe Usergroup or AUG

After more than 12 years of cooperation between Adobe and the Adobe Usergroup, the two sides broke up amicably. renounces the status of an official Adobe Usergroup on 10.10.2012 at its request. The core team's decision was based on Adobe's requirements, which do not coincide with the self-image and history of as a primary online community. would like to thank Macromedia and later Adobe for the good and sometimes intensive cooperation with the respective contact persons. Martin Reifenstahl, Sven Dölle, Martin Buchmann and Hans Dahmen are just a few examples. will continue to deal with the content of Adobe products, but will increasingly open up to generic topics and service and product discussions from other manufacturers.

The way of all things
The Adobe Usergroup was taken offline on 10 September 2019 because a) forums no longer represent a modern platform and b) the forum software used is based on an old PHP version (7.1x) for which support is or was discontinued. Snapshots are available in the Wayback Machine of the Internet Archive.